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  The Technical Center of the company has developed new products of API and Non-API series, like High-collapse, Anti-H2S Tubing & Casing, thermal application Tubing & Casing, Drill pipe body, line pipe, special drift casing, perforating barrel, insulated tubing, super strength sucker rod, pumping unit with high strength. Many of them have been tested and evaluated by authoritative departments, and been exported to America, Russia, Middle-East, Southeast Asia etc.
  On November 28, 2007, during the centralized procurement of Tubing & Casing on CNPC Energy Ahead for 2008, the company continued to be qualified for the supply of API Tubing & Casing to all the oil fields of CNPC in 2008. The company believes that with the continuous development and application of new products and technologies, it will meet the needs of the international and domestic petroleum industry in the high-end field, effectively improve the competitiveness of the company's products, enhance the company's position in the industry, create good business performance, and maintain the company's steady, high-speed and long-term development.
  Capacity:Up to end of 2007, the capacity is that Rolling: 400,000 tons, Upsetting: 100,000 tons, Heat treatment: 200,000 tons(high grade OCTG), threading: 350,000 tons(finished tubing and casing).
  Product features:high purity, stable chemical compositions, good surface, high precision of geometric dimensions, excellent comprehensive mechanical and technological properties.
  Key equipment: the key equipment for tubing & casing production line are introduced from Europe, Japan and large-scale professional manufacturers in China. The whole process of manufacturing is controlled by computer automation equipped with professional, complete and advanced online and offline inspection and testing equipment. There are advanced automatic monitoring, temperature control system and pipe rotating quenching system with internal and external spraying water on two heat treatment lines. In 2006, a Multi-functional automatic Ultrasonic Testing Machine was imported from UK with the most advanced detection technology, including oblique and lamination inspection in addition to transverse & longitudinal inspection and full-length wall thickness.