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  Sucker rod is one of our main products with the essence of advanced technology from home and abroad. Different categories are organized and manufactured in the accordance with SY/T5029, SY/T6272 and API SPEC 11B, including sucker rods of Grade D, Grade HL and HY, ultra-high strength and polished of ultra-high strength and special sucker rod according to user’s requirements. Some of them are authorized to use API monogram and China Industrial Permit.
  In the manufacturing process, the advanced German direct reading spectrometer is used for material analysis; the magnetic leakage detector is used for flaw detection on the production line one by one; the far-infrared thermometer is used to monitor the forging heating temperature during forging; the thermal insulation or air cooling device is implemented according to the requirements of rod body material to control the cooling rate after forging; the fluorescent magnetic particle detector is used to inspect the forged part of the sucker rod after grinding; the forged rod body is tempered to eliminate the stress in the heating zone and the strength is checked by the hot stretch straightening; the rod body is reinforced by overall surface shot blasting to improve the fatigue strength of the rod before threading; the CNC hex lathe is used for machining of the rod head to realize the PLC industrial control automation; the processing accuracy is rechecked one by one after threading with a complete quality assurance system.
  Sub-surface sucker rod pump is one of main equipment in oil production. The pumps are made through advanced surface nickel and phosphate plating, carbonitriding and carbonnitroboriding featured in corrosion resistance, wear resistance, reliability, durability, and high efficiency. In 2011, the pump and its parts used to be authorized to API monogram.
  The main products:tubular pump, rod pump, multi-functional pump, inclined well pump, sand preventing pump, feedback pump, with Φ 32 - Φ 102mm and strokes of 1.8-8m.